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Uses of Internet

Internet is today one of the most important part of our daily life. There are large numbers of things that can be done using the internet and so it is very important. You can say that with the progress in the internet we are progressing in every sphere of life as it not only makes our tasks easier but also saves a lot of time.

Today internet is used for different purposes depending upon the requirement. Here in this very article we have mentioned then ten best uses of the internet. Here goes the list.

1. Communication

At the moment the easiest thing that can be done using the internet is that we can communicate with the people living far away from us with extreme ease.

Earlier the communication used to be a daunting task but all that chanced once internet came into the life of the common people. Now people can not only chat but can also do the video conferencing. It has become extremely easy to contact the loved ones who are in some other part of the world. Communication is the most important gift that the internet has given to the common man. Email, social networking sites are some of the prime example of it. This is one such gift of the internet which is cherished by everyone and has made our life easier to much extent.

A. Electronic Mail… With an Internet email account, users can communicate with anyone else on-line, any place in the world, with no long distance fees. Email can also be used to join mailing lists, bulletin boards, or discussion groups that cover a huge variety of subjects. According to a 1999 study (the 1999 Consumer Technology Survey), email has replaced research as the leading reason given by people in the US for using the Internet.

B. World Wide Web… The World Wide Web is not a physical place, not a set of files, nor even a network of computers. The heart of the WEB lies in the protocols (common communication rules and languages) that define its use. The WWW uses hypertext transfer protocols (http) to transport files from one place to another.

What makes the www unique is the striking appearance of the information when it gets to your computer. In addition to text, the web presents color, images, sounds and video. This, combined with its ease of use, makes the web the most popular aspect of the Internet for a large majority of users.

One 1995 estimate said that there were 27,000 web sites and that the number were doubling daily. This growth rate would be difficult to maintain, but it is true that the web is the single fastest growing neighborhood on the Internet.

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