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Our Mission

Our mission at Mediabharti Web Academy is to educate young aspirants in various technical and creative fields of On-line Journalism by providing sustainable quality education, training and invigorating environment, for both Hindi and English medium students, to mould them into skilled, competent and socially-ethically responsible citizens who will lead the building of a powerful nation.

Our target is to make our students as ‘Fully Confident Self-employed or Employed’ On-line Journalist in the arena.

On-line Journalism is the complete discipline of knowledge and wisdom. It is the immeasurable passion of expression. On-line journalism has evolved fundamentally over the last decade. This evolvement is in response to the competition, changes in media profession, technology, mind set and impact of globalization.

Mediabharti Web Academy has prepared its course structure and methods of learning to keep up with changes in recent trends and user preferences.

At Mediabharti Web Academy, students learn On-line journalism in the practical way through ‘learning by doing’ method. Students not only hone their news or views sense but also go beyond in learning its significance and impact.

These training programmes are not affiliated with any University or educational institute. It is in-house training programme at Mediabharti Web Solutions.

We provide teaching environment with the best of facilities. We emphasize on imparting excellent training to our students in an encouraging environment; we pay equal attention to the all round development of our students.

We wish all the success...




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